photo Ewa Skowronska Slaw

Concordia Festival for Contemporary Music and Art is one of the most important international projects of the Ikana Art Foundation(www.ikanafoundation.com)

Its goal is to develop an experimental cross-over aesthetic approach and new models of interaction and integration between different arts and genres. Although music is at its center of interest, it is equally important to play all other genres and stage disciplines, including theater, ballet, literature, design, media and visual arts, photography.

This forum supports artistic works and events that present an experimental and multidisciplinary approach in search of new forms of creative expression. A primary aspiration of the festival is to create an intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue towards the transformation of contemporary arts in the process of spiritual and cultural growth.


In Concordia’s first two editions (in year 2017 in Sofia and in 2018, 2019 and 2020) in Switzerland, in the towns of Neuchâtel, Martigni and Sion, as well as in Denmark in Copenhagen) Concordia presents/ed an unique international creative team of world-famous artists, consisting of sixteen soloists, two ensembles, nineteen composers, seven writers and nine visual artists from Bulgaria, France , Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Japan, Chile, Africa and the United States. The Festival’s activities so far includes one chamber opera, six multimedia shows, a poetic jazz-improvisational show and two multimedia concerts, as well as one piano recital. The program of these events includes numerous world and Bulgarian premieres of works by prominent Bulgarian and foreign authors, leaders in modern composition, theater, multi-disciplinary and multi-media art.

Featured artists/performers:
Donatien Michel-Dansac (France), soprano; Elmira Darvarova (USA / Bulgaria), violin; Irina-Kalina Goudeva (Bulgaria / Switzerland / Denmark), voice and double bass; George Vassilev (Bulgaria / Switzerland), guitar; Liubomir Denev (Bulgaria), piano, composition, Toke Moldurup (Denmark), cello; Galya Kolarova (Denmark / Bulgaria), piano; Fritz Bertelsen (Denmark), clarinet; David Hildebrand (Denmark), percussion instruments; Negina Stoyanova (Bulgaria), violin; Veneziela Naydenova (Bulgaria / Switzerland,) piano; Borislava Taneva (Bulgaria), piano; Sylvie Arlettaz-Jori ( Switzerland).

Featured composers:
Ejnar Kanding (Denmark); Julia Tsenova (Bulgaria); Albena Petrovic Vratchanska (Luxemburg / Bulgaria); Per Norgaard (Denmark); ); Wayne Siegel (Denmark / USA); Pierre Yodlovsky (France), Frank Brenthsneider (Germany), Vladimir Titov (Russia), Veneziela Naydenova (Bulgaria / Switzerland), Borislava Taneva (Bulgaria), Jeffrey Gordon( USA), Josquin Schwitzgebel (Switzerland) Konstantin Suhovetsky (Russia / USA); Karl Agge Rasmussen (Denmark).

Featured visual Artists:
Casper Obro (Denmark); Lillevan (Germany); Nes Lerpa (Denmark); Eva Skovronska-Slav (Poland / Denmark); Claude Dussez(Switzerland); Kim Dan Trong (Denmark); Silvie Arlettaz (Switzerland); Abdullah Gandem (Africa).

The founder and artistic director of the festival is the internationally renowned double bassist, singer, performance artist and multidisciplinary collaborator Irina-Kalina Goudeva – www.ikana.info