15th of October 2017 at 17h

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“Mosaico” duo performances

Toke Møldrup (Denmark), violoncello
Galya Kolarova (Bulgaria/Denmark), piano

(including the following acoustic and electroacoustic works)

Match by Karl Aage Rasmussens (Denmark)
Bulgarian premiere

Animals in Concert by Per Nørgaard (Denmark)
Bulgarian premiere

Positions by Julia Tsenova (Bulgaria)

Mosaico 1 by Ejnar Kanding (Denmark)
Bulgarian premiere

Nocturne “Bliss”, Op. 9 No.1 by Vladimir Titov (Russia)
Bulgarian premiere

Fatoms by Geoffrey Gordon (USA)
Bulgarian premiere

visuals by Ejnar Kanding/Nes Lerpa (Denmark)

15th of October 2017 at 19h30

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Multimedia electro-acoustic marathon “Contemporanea & Guests”

Contemporanea Interactive Art Ensemble (Copenhagen/Denmark)
Fritz Berthelsen (Denmark), clarinets
Irina-Kalina Goudeva (Bulgaria/Switzerland/Denmark), voice & double bass
David Hildebrandt (Denmark), percussion
Ejnar Kanding (Denmark), real-time processing/electronics

Elmira Darvarova (USA/Bulgaria), violin
Negina Stoianova (Bulgaria), violin
George Vassilev (Bulgaria/Switzerland), guitar

visuals by Lillevan (Germany)


Jackdaw by Wayne Siegel (USA, Denmark)
for bass clarinet & electronics
Bulgarian premiere

Papillo Macaon by Ejnar Kanding (Denmark)
for double bass, voice & electronics

Partita del Fuego by Ejnar Kanding (Denmark)
for violin, guitar, double bass & electronics
World premiere

Escuchar 1 by Ejnar Kanding (Denmark)
for solo percussions
Bulgarian premiere

Sette Venti by Ejnar Kanding (Denmark)
for clarinet, percussions & electronics
Bulgarian premiere

Auxiliary Blue by Ejnar Kanding (Denmark) & Frank Bretschneider (Germany)
for clarinet, violin, double bass, percussions & electronics
Bulgarian premiere

15th of October 2017 at 21h

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“Auxiliary Blue” Multimedia performances

Music by Ejnar Kanding (Denmark) & Frank Bretschneider (Germany)
for clarinet, violin, double bass, percussions & electronics
Bulgarian premiere

visuals by Lillevan (Germany)

Frank Bretschneider and Ejnar Kanding took an experimental approach to co-creating the pieces on Auxiliary Blue. They swapped music and reinterpreted each other’s work to make new sound compositions that combine both acoustic and electronic approaches.

 The composition unites two very different musical approaches between classicaly trained Ejnar kanding and Frank Bretschneider, an East German autodidact brought up on pirate radio. The two composers came up with some key words describing the music and the graphics: Unity, Beauty, Mirroring, Magical sounds, Flow and slow transitions. In this work the graphics aimed to show the classical world reinterpreted by the electronic.

The visual designer Lilevan went through NASA’s amazing archive of images and he came across a photograph of polar mesospheric clouds (rare ice clouds) taken from space. This image grabbed him, with the blue sky caught between the darkness of earth and the darkness of space.

He reflected the image so that the sky area became a strange long blue tube and the clouds began to look like water ripples. For him, this tube represented the mirroring and the flow between the two artists.