13 march 2022



Creation – Music and Image

Concert and simultaneous video – mediation of classical music through graphic design

This multidisciplinary creation will bring together different artists and promote cultural exchanges between Switzerland and France. To do this it will be articulated in two acts.

Performers: Guillaume Geny, Quatuor Tastiera
Graphic design and animation: Sébastien Caiveau
Photography: Anne Muscatiello

First part: Guillaume Geny
William Walton (1902-1983)
Five Bagatelles
I. Allegro
II. Lento
III. Alla Cubana IV. Sempre espressivo V. Con Slancio
Jean Froidevaux (1933*)
Prière muette
Photographie d’Anne Muscatiello
Second part: Quatuor Tastiera
Guillaume Geny, Cécile Lê Duy, Hugo Kettenmeyer, Nicolas Campos
Guillaume Geny (1991*)
Suite Espeo
I. Ouverture
II. Valse
III. Toccatina
IV. Air Nocturne
V. Ragtime
VI. Agitato
VII. Cadence et Final
Graphic design and animation: Sébastien Caiveau